Name: Sydney Kalyn

Position: VP Events

Major: Finance / Business Analytics / Math

Go to McGill Event: Winter Carnival

Best Spot in Montreal: Suwu on a Sunday morning

Hidden Talent: balancing pitchers on my head

First Year Bucket List: Participating in scunt season

Name: Florence Barre

Position: Co Chair

Major: Marketing and Global Strategies

Fun Fact: I met my doppelganger during Frosh!!

Go to McGill event: OAP!

Best Spot in Montreal: Mac Campus

Guilty pleasure: cutting bangs on myself during mid-terms and finals

Hidden talent: spending way too much time in Bronfman

First year bucket list: Cafe Campus

Name: Guillaume Paquette

Position: Co Chair

Go to mcgill event: bronfman ball as a first year

Best Spot in Montreal: Old Port

First year bucket list: try to study on bronfman 2nd floor

Guilty pleasure: dressing as a drag ... lmao

Hidden Talent: walking in heels

Name: David Fishman

Position: Director of Logistics

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fun fact about you: I’ve never had coffee before

Go to McGill event: Carnival or OAP

Best spot in Montreal: Molson Hall

Guilty pleasure: Disney Movies

Hidden talent: All my talents are public

First year bucket list: 4á7

Name: Melanie Gauthier

Position: Director of Sponsorship

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Major: Marketing

Best spot in Montreal: The Alpine Roof

Guilty pleasure: Moshpits

Hidden talent: Headguns

Go to McGill Event: Carnival

Name: Lindsay Dempsey

Position: Inter-faculty Coordinator

Major: Finance

Fun fact about you: I can walk on my hands

Go to McGill Event: Carnival

Best spot in Montreal: Daves Store

Guilty Pleasure: McGill memes

Hidden Talent: Mario kart

First year bucket list: (virtual??) cafe campus

Name: Patrick Koper

Position: Director of Logistics

Major: Finance

Concentration: Marketing

Fun fact about you: I’m a musician, check out my stuff on Spotify!

Go to McGill Event: Carnival MCAT

Best spot in Montreal: Piknik in the summer

Guilty Pleasure: pineapple on pizza

Hidden Talent: sleeping through morning classes

First year bucket list: igloofest

Name: Elan Eisner

Position: Chief of Staff

Major: Finance

Hometown: Denver Co.

Fun fact about you: I fell out of a window when I was 4 and was saved by a tree

Hidden Talent: making Spotify playlists

Name: Flo Campbell

Position: Sponsorship & Inclusivity

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Montreal QC.

Best spot in MTL: Bronfman basement

Hidden Talent: Searching Spotify for hours and finding fire songs